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Ranch Rodeo

Date: TBA - No March Ranch Rodeo. We will possibly  have a May Racn Rodeo.

Entries close: TBA


$400 with an incentive pot for sale horses $500 added.


Payout will be as follows:
15 Teams- $250 to Payout, $150 to Office, Stock, Insurance Charges
We pay three places 50%, 30% 20%
Awards to winning team. Added Money to Be Determined.



  • Team Branding

  • Team Sorting

  • 4 Man Team Roping

  • Team Doctoring



The same four horses must be used for all events. A person may only enter one time. A 10 point system will be used, 10 pts for first, 9 pts for second, etc. through 10th place. No Training on horses while in the arena. Any unnecessary roughness or abuse of any animal in any event will result in elimination of the team in that event. The judge’s decision is final. No Exceptions.

Team Branding: 4 head total to be paint branded. Switch team members from horse back to ground after two head are roped.

4 Man Team Roping: 2-2 man teams Two steers are turned out at same time from the roping chute. Teams are at the catch pen. Time starts off of the flagger. Time ends when both steers are heeled. Three legal head catches, +5 for one hind leg. Time stops when both steers are caught.

4 Man Doctoring: 2- 2 man teams Animals need to be in a legal stretch before doctoring. Doctoring consists of paint mark in designated spot. Head rope must be taken off and reset on front legs. Both hind feet need to be in heel rope.

4 Man Team Sorting: Start out with 10 numbered animals, cattle are settled at end of arena. The 4 people are at other end of arena. Time starts when flagger starts your team. You must sort off your numbered cow thru two barrels. Head and heel animal, 2 members must get off and switch ropes on feet. Flag drops when feet are set.


Results from October 17, 2015

Winners were Gus King, Jeff Bailey, Deven Thompson, and Brandon Clark. 

The Incentive for the sale horse in the ranch rodeo went to Dace Woods riding Lot 15 Leos Elite Sunset


Results from February 21, 2015

Top Hand Team was Emmett Evans, John Hagler, Dace Woods, and Ty Sturza.  

Dace and Ty were both riding sale horses (Dace Lot 8 & Ty Lot 5) and split the $500 sale horses incentive.

October 2015 Winners: Gus King, Jeff Bailey, Deven Thompson, and Brandon Clark.